Sex Juice, the best spicy ginger elixir, is a premium quality health drink from Canada.

Sex Juice, was concocted by the founder Benny Lee many years ago in Vancouver Canada for his own health reasons. But friends and neighbours after trying Benny's elixir, have been telling him jokingly and seriously that he should bottle the drink and call it "Sex Juice" as they found it helps improving their healths and helps with their sex lives. Hence "Sex Juice" is launched in 2019 for health and fun reasons.

Sex Juice, can be consumed anytime, hot or cold, equally tasty and nutritious. Sex Juice is ideal for parties, anniversary/birthday/Valentine's gifts and great as cocktail mix (ie Moscow Mule or your own or our crafted cocktails). 

SexJuice is made from all fresh and natural ingredients, ie real ginger, pure honey or pure maple syrup (for the vegan version), fresh lime juice, filtered water, fresh chilli. These super ingredients are well known in centuries throughout various cultures of the world for their health properties (eg raise immune system, enhance blood circulation, boost energy and libido, etc). 

SexJuice is not made from concentrates/extract/powder/puree, there is no cane sugar (aka the refined white sugar), no stevia added, there is no preservatives (no ascorbic/citric acid, aka synthetic Vitamin C), no additives and no flavors added either. In short, no chemicals, just 5 natural ingredients you can pronounce and understand.

We believe if you have a healthy diet, together with drinking Sex Juice daily and exercising regularly, coupled with positive mind set, your health would improve, hence your sex life will be better and you will be happier. However, Sex Juice is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. If you have any sexual health issues, consult a medical doctor.

Sex Juice is produced in a 2000sf manufacturing facility based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and sold by SexJuice.Shop. 1159662 BC Ltd is a legal entity, a company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada, that owns SexJuice.Shop.