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Frequently asked questions

Is SexJuice for men or women or both?

SexJuice the Spicy Ginger Elixir is for both men and women, young and old. It is a natural healthy drink, that you can drink it anytime, before or after sex, hot or cold, equally tasty and nutritious.

How spicy is your Spicy Ginger Elixir?

Everyone is different. To person A it may be mild, to person B it could be spicy. But we have tested on thousands of consumers of various ethnic backgrounds, majority love our Spicy Ginger Elixir.

Would SexJuice make me horny or boost my sex performance?

SexJuice, the Spicy Ginger Elixir, would help boost your immune system and enhance your blood circulation, these 2 alone are known to promote sexual libido and performance. If you eat a healthy diet and drink Sex Juice daily or regularly, coupled with exercise and positive mindset, you would be healthy, horny and happy. But SexJuice is not meant to treat any medical condition or sexual dysfunction (if you have any of these health issues, please consult your medical doctor).

What is the shelf life of SexJuice?

If kept refrigerated, it is good up to 6 months. If left at room temperature, it is good up to 3 weeks. Please keep the cap on (after it has been opened) and avoid sunlight and heat source. PLEASE REFRIGERATE the products immediately after receiving them.

How do you ship the SexJuice?

We ship Sex Juice in frozen form (frozen 10oz/300mL PET bottles), put them in a plastic/insulated bag then into a box/envelop. By the time you receive them, they would have thawed. Please note that the inside of plastic bag may be wet due to condensation (not a leak from bottle but from thawing process), and one or more bottles may warp/dent after thawing, which is normal but is not a condition that qualifies for return/refund, as the juice in the warped/dented bottle is perfectly fine to drink. It may become effervescent with probiotic property due to minor fermentation. We may use Canada Post, Purolator, DHL, Fedex, UPS or USPS to ship, normal shipping time ranges from 2 to 7 business days depends on your delivery address. Due to covid-19, some shipments may experience delay due to social distancing on shipping co's staff and increase shipping volume on shipper. PLEASE REFRIGERATE the products immediately after receiving them.

How do I get FREE supply of SexJuice?

To qualify, you need to submit a picture/video to us via email or contact us with a link to your Youtube channel or Tiktok account or access to the file in your google drive, and then "like" our facebook page, "follow" us on instagram and tiktok and "subscribe" to our youtube channel (whichever one you have, but to qualify, you must have done at least one of these). After vetting your submission, we may select your picture/video to be published on this site, on our Facebook page, Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube channel, and tag you on these social media. We shall email you to notify that your picture/video has been selected/published and obtain your shipping address (must be within Canada/USA excluding Alaska/Hawaii) and contact phone number, and then we shall ship you FREE 10 bottles if your picture is selected or 30 bottles if your video is selected video, within 72 hours. There is no return/refund for these FREE Sex Juice, but we may exchange or ship a replacement if the original shipment arrived in damaged condition (if this occurs, you need to take pictures and describe in detail of the condition).

What is your return & exchange & refund policy?

You may return the products if they arrived in damaged or spoilt condition. Please email us pictures of the delivered products and describe in details of the condition, we shall reply within 72 hours, we may ask you to return the products in their original packaging (we pay for shipping), you can then get replacement shipment or get partial or full refund. There is no return if you changed your mind after we have shipped, or you didn’t feel horny or didn’t feel that your sexual performance had improved, as Sex Juice is not meant to treat any medical condition or sexual dysfunction (if you have any of these health issues, please consult your medical doctor). There is no return/refund for FREE Sex Juice (obtained from submitting picture/video to us), but we may exchange or ship a replacement if the original shipment arrived in damaged condition (you also need to take pictures and describe in details of the condition). In the event that you didn't receive your shipment (gone missing) after 2 weeks from delivery time, or if we shipped you the wrong product, please contact us, we shall ship you a replacement or correct product (you return the wrong product where we pay for shipping).

Where do you ship, how long would it take and do you charge shipping?

We do FREE 2 day shipping in Canada and USA (including Alaska and Hawaii). We also ship to the rest of the world, but shipping charges apply. Shipping time generally 7~14 days. Due to covid19, delay may occur.

What kind of payment method do you accept?

Most credit cards, debit cards and paypal.

Will your shipping box/envelop show "SexJuice"?

No, the box/envelop will be a generic one (blank or with no logo, without any text that says SexJuice), it will show that it is shipped from 1159662 BC Ltd, 2003-588 Broughton St, Vancouver, BC V6G 3E3, Canada.

What will appear on my bank or credit card or paypal statements?

When we process payment on your purchase or paid subscription, it will show the charges come from 1159662 BC Ltd, nothing will show that it is from Sex Juice.

Who can submit and what kind of picture/video would you accept?

Anyone who has possession of a bottle or two Sex Juice, can take a fun, erotic, sexy and naughty picture/video of himself/herself and/or other(s) enjoying Sex Juice in any environment (indoor/outdoor). Be creative and use your imagination to show your sex appeal. The objects can be fully clothed, or wearing sexy lingeries or nude/semi nude, whether showing full faces or no faces or partial faces (those showing faces would have a higher chance of being selected). But Sex Juice label on bottle must be showing fully/partially in your picture/video being submitted. Image showing genitals and sexually explicit material are not acceptable. Also the picture/video should be in high resolution, suggested video length from 10 seconds to 60 seconds with audible voices/conversations.

Where can I buy SexJuice?

You can buy SexJuice online (via this website). You also be able to buy from Amazon.ca, Amazon.com and Amazon.mx. Perhaps in the future, you could also buy from bars/nightclubs, restaurants, grocery/specialty stores, online sex toy retailers, etc.

What kind of container is SexJuice in?

Sex Juice is packaged in a 1 gallon glass growler/jug as well as in 10oz/300mL PET (plastic) bottle, we source the bottles from US manufacturer, they are BPA Free, approved by Health Canada and US's FDA. We strongly urge you to recycle our PET bottles. If we were to use glass bottles, their weight is 10 times heavier than PET bottles, and have to be shipped from China. Moreover, glass bottle is breakable, recycle fee is higher than PET, and most recycle depots don't accept glass bottles. Shipping from China and shipping glass bottles within North America, is not only way more expensive, but also ships/trucks would burn more fuel.

Who is 1159662 BC Ltd?

1159662 BC Ltd is a legal entity, a company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada, and this company owns SexJuice.Shop.

Who owns the copyright of the submitted picture/video?

By submitting, you declare that you have the copyright of the picture/video or have the authority to publish, and the release from any person in the video from any claim, and that you can grant us permission/rights to edit and re-publish your picture/video on our site, Facebook page, Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube channels and tag you on our social media. The copyright of this picture/video will always be yours and/or other(s) who authorized you to publish.

What is SexJuice good for?

Sex Juice is ideal for parties, or as gifts for anniversary/birthday/Valentine's Day, etc. You can drink it before or after sex, hot or cold, equally tasty and nutritious. You can drink it straight or mixed with sparkling water, tequila, vodka (ie making Moscow Mule cocktail), etc. Sex Juice, the Spicy Ginger Elixir, would help raise immune system, enhance blood circulation and boost energy. The 5 simple fresh and natural ingredients in Sex Juice (ie pure honey, real ginger, filtered water, fresh lime juice and chili) are well known for thousand of years throughout the world for their health properties (including libido enhancement). We have many customers' feedbacks that the elixir not only tastes great but also give them energy boost, help their sex lives, help them fight cold and hangover, soothe sore throat and upset stomach, and more. Sex Juice, the Spicy Ginger Elixir is created for health and fun purpose, we do not claim that Sex Juice would treat or cure sexual dysfunction, nor do we claim it is a sexual performance enhancement product. If you have any medical conditions or sexual issues, please consult a competent doctor.

Can you ship SexJuice as a gift for someone else?

Sure we can, just provide who the recipient is (name) and their shipping address and phone contact. If instructed by you, we can also include a gift note to say something like "Happy Birthday Joe, love from Jane" or "Happy Anniversary Jane, love from Joe" or "Happy Valentine's, from Mary" etc. In short, SexJuice is the perfect gift for him or her.

Are the prices shown in Canadian or US dollars and are sales tax and import duty included?

Prices shown are in US dollars and they do not include any applicable sales tax and import duty (if any). We are only responsbile for shipping, if your state/country requires to pay sales tax and import duty, it is the receiver's responsibility to cover these costs.

How much SexJuice and when should I drink?

Everyone is different. You can feel the effect quickly from drinking SexJuice (eg boost your immune system, enhance your blood circulation, soothe sore throat and upset stomach, fight cold, etc), by drinking daily, eg a shot a day, or half a bottle a day, or more, depends on individual. You can drink it anytime (remember to shake the bottle before serving as sediment settles at the bottom, which is natural). Have it in the morning to wake you up, make you more alert, give you energy boost for the day. You can drink it before or after sex, hot or cold, equally tasty and nutritious. Drink it hot before you go to bed, would warm you heart and body, help to make you sleep soundly.

What are the known negative side effects from drinking SexJuice?

There are no known negative side effects from drinking SexJuice. Instead, you would feel the positive effects on your health and body.

Do you ship to a PO Box address?

Sorry, we don't. We can only ship to a physical address, be it residential/home, or business/office/commercial/industrial addresses.

Does SexJuice offer a "Vegan" version?

Yes we do, the "Vegan" version uses pure Canadian Maple Syrup, while the "Original" version uses pure unpasteurized Canadian Honey.

What are the ingredients of SexJuice and how natural is SexJuice?

SexJuice is made from all fresh and natural ingredients, ie real ginger, pure honey or pure maple syrup (for the vegan version), fresh lime juice, filtered water, fresh chilli. These super ingredients are well known in centuries throughout various cultures of the world for their health properties (eg raise immune system, enhance blood circulation, boost energy and libido, etc). SexJuice is not made from concentrates/extract/powder/puree, there is no cane sugar (aka the refined white sugar), no stevia added, there is no preservatives (no ascorbic/citric acid, aka synthetic Vitamin C), no additives and no flavors added either. In short, no chemicals, just 5 natural ingredients you can pronounce and understand.